About Us

About Us

East Coast Canadian Genetics is an emerging online cannabis outlet aiming to support Canadian locals in their continuous consumption of marijuana - for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Our company delivers nothing less than a clean range of cannabis strains cultivated via a pure harvesting process. The overwhelming love for cannabis has inspired us to invest all our commitment in its production and selling. Indeed, you won’t find a better marijuana seller in town than East Coast Canadian Genetics itself!

We Have The Foremost Team Of Passionate Weed Cultivators!

We have a dedicated facility that brilliantly enables us to expand the production of a wide range of top-quality cannabis.

We always have a massive stock of fine quality recreational and medicinal cannabis to meet its hiking needs in Canada. Our affordable pricing simmers the pressure on the pockets of cannabis consumers.

The Strains of Cannabis - Right at Your Disposal

We are the premier online marijuana shop that offers an array of recreational and medicinal cannabis-inspired strains including but not limited to:



Solvent less Extracts

We are expanding our podium by introducing marijuana-inspired apparel, hats, sweaters, and shirts in the near future, and you are sure to become a fan!

Stay with us to remain updated with our future launches in the sphere of cannabis.

Why Us?

You will find many marijuana dispensaries even at a distance of a mile, so there comes a question: why us?

Out of the countless reasons for shopping with us, the succeeding offerings of our company push us on your wish list as your next cannabis shopping stop.

Client-first Attitude

Speedy Response

Quality Products

Economical Pricing

Fastest Shipping

Heavy Discounts: Up To 10% Off

Free Samples

Membership / Referral Programs

Continue Shopping With Us!!

Age is just a number, but still, you have to be lawfully allowed to consume and use cannabis. We strictly abide by the Canadian regulations and statutes, thus don’t invite clients to shop with us who fall under the restricted bracket. If you are 19 or above, you are more than welcome to our online dispensary that delivers top-quality marijuana.

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